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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:58 pm 
Dr. Phil
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Using up all my energy in the morning talking to clients and making
reports for engineering meetings, and with deadlines looming added to
the growing responsibilities of becoming an Engineering Consultant, I
found myself quite tired and very hungry.

I walked to Pitt Street Mall in the pouring rain. And in the hopes of
a delicious meal, I found myself ordering Asian food, something I knew
that would put a smile in my face. What I noticed as I wait for my
food were two people: a wavy haired, smiley eyed Asian man having fun
talking to a relaxed yet stalwart Caucasian male. I had a glimpse and
for some reason their energy felt a bit of familiarity. I did ask the
Asian man for his name, hesitating as to confirm if it was actually
true, "Leigh...?"

And there they were, Leigh and Steven. I was greeted warmly by both of
them and I felt a sense of familiarity and comfort in my body, as if I
was talking to friends I have not seen in years. I sat down and began
just having a normal conversation. The moment I sat down, for some
reason a surge of energy just came rushing down to my whole body. I
did not know what it was at that time, but as far as I knew, I have
nothing to worry: my presence was welcomed instanteneously.

We then proceeded to talk: about what is going on, what have they been
doing, and of course, their usual flair in banter (which occurs every
30 seconds of their usual conversation). I was then greeted with

Steven's usual flair for teasing and Leigh's sexual banter. I really
appreciated it as they were including me in the fun of it. I smiled
and laughed to show appreciation and I wanted to at least show
gratitude by doing the same. However, my body did not seem to respond
in kind. For some reason, there was hesitation yet intrigue. I wanted
to know at this point what it really was.

As we proceeded to eat and talk, I felt the interaction just flowed
between us (in my case, I mostly listened and nodded in agreement). I
was then feeling an increase in energy as they both shared and
expressed ideas and beliefs in their own lives. As they talked, the
energy increased more, and I was kind of intrigue as to when it would
die down. I wanted to join in the interaction but for some reason I
found myself just sitting there and at the same time just enjoying the
conversation. I felt like a surfer trying to catch the Big Kahuna: I
wanted to ride it but at the same time in awe of it. Just watching it

is enough to get one captivated.

When we were about to leave, I did not remember what Steven said, but
I ended up apologizing and trying to reason myself to him so he could
accept any excuse I make. For some reason, I ended up scratching my
head and looking down. Leigh then gave me a tap on the back to release
whatever tension I have in my body.

As we parted ways and walked back to the office, I finally realized
what that surge of energy was: it was their presence. They were into
their body and very aware of themselves and surroundings so much that
they just exude their personalities naturally. What I found in Leigh
was a warm and very accepting energy balanced with humor that you
couldn't help but like. Steven's quirky and humurous personality is
balanced with an attitude where you will do anything just to get his
attention and approval: his time and respect is something to be

I remember during the conversation that they just have so much
conviction in their words that their bodies and their energies just
reflected it. It created a tension that I noticed: I felt amazement
yet quite intimidated at the same time. I told myself, "So these are
people who interact who are in touch with their core..."

As I sat back down to my seat in the office, I stared out the window
while gazing at the little drops of rain. In my mind, I cast my voice
to the world, "I still have a long way to go..."

Though I have grown to become a man among the frustrated and confused,
I am still but a little boy in the eyes of knowing men.

- John

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:59 pm 
Mostly A Gimp. Mostly.
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John, the cheque is in the mail.

Seriously, though, we ALL have a long way to go, for a journey never
stops. The moment a man becomes content is the moment a man becomes
proud; it is the moment he stops to expand. The moment he puts his
blinkers on.

Not being content need not prevent you from valuing yourself. We often
fall into the trap of telling ourselves that only if we become better
at something, slimmer, fitter, wealthier or - particularly in this
community - if we shag more women and/or become PUAs, we will be

That sets us on a treadmill of perpetual struggle. As Leigh likes to
say, the value we seek from the world is the value we do not give

The challenge is to value your state of being, not some idea of who
you are or will be. Usually we value ourselves only if we approve of
ourselves or - worse - if someone else does. What if we were able to
value ourselves not for any particular reason, but just for BEING?

To value that you exist, that you are. To value the fact of you. The
fact of John.

That fact alone will give you all the presence you will ever need.

What am I trying to say here? You have a long way to go. So do I. So
does Leigh. But we are all equally valuable because we ARE.

Celebrate that.

The next challenge is to get more in touch with WHO you are. We are
usually kept from our inner selves by disempowering ideas about
ourselves. That is key. And I believe that will be the focus of your
next coaching session with Leigh.



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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:00 am 
Mostly A Man. Mostly.

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Hey, I met those guys too! Personally I thought they were arseholes, but
hey, each to their own... ;-)

The one secret that these 'knowing men' know that separates them from
you, is that they know that no separation exists between anyone, and
that everything you admire in them, you already posses within you, you
simply have to unleash them.

I've got a plan together of which direction I believe is going to most
productive for you and I can't wait to catch up with you soon.

Your friend,


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