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Teasing Women About Their Age
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Author:  robinqzt [ Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Teasing Women About Their Age

I think when it comes to teasing women you can tease them about really anything and get away with it provided that you deliver it in a playful fashion. So teasing about age shouldn't be a problem, atleast not on paper..

On another note there are 3 forbidden topics that you should steer away from at all costs when it comes to teasing. Depends on the women ofc, everyone is different but from what I've been told and also experienced the 3 forbidden topics to stay away from are: their weight (even hot girls), their political views, and lastly do not tease them about religion. Very touchy subjects for most people.

another good rule i personally try to follow is not to tease people about the things that they dont control themselves, but i try to find more mundane things to comment and tease about.. like say a girl has a water bottle and you could say something along the lines of "wow thats such a big water bottle, you don't even have to carry a weapon around these dangerous parts of the city just like club people with this, you're like a medieval caveman" not all that funny, but delivery is what will help you out.

I've never teased a woman about their age, but the ones you stated in your post was pretty funny - In my eyes tho I think it might be a good idea to not choose that option because everytime I've asked an 'older' (maybe like 40) of her age I've always sensed an uncomfortable vibe coming from her after that. and consequently i've tought it was a touchy subject to tease about so havent really given it a shot, but you gave me some really funny inspiration on how to go about it so might find out soon :P

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