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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 10:45 pm 
Dr. Phil

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the method to dance in the moment is a long, ardous, strenuous, and yet a strangely beautiful process.

to summarise, there are three steps:

1. find your deepst purpose.
2. attach your purpose to your spirit
3. find an inner clarity so that you can flow.

1. finding your purpose.

at heart, we harbour a deep yearning to follow a dream. it is our purpose, the goals that our subconcious says are our goals. yet most of us lack the ability to to even take the first steps towards our goal. since birth, we were taught to go to school, to conform to the rigid structures and values of society, get educated and find a job. we were rarely taught the path to happiness. we were not taught how to seduce a woman. we were never taught to be one with out death.


that is the way to find your purpose. to fail to stride towards our goal in life, and to continue to live, is to live in cowardice. we must keep death in mind always.

close your eyes. think about your life, and feel it's imminent end. feel your death imminent. let go of the need to supress your fears about dying. let it flow through you. close your eyes and feel your heart ache as you contemplate your mortality.

open your eyes.

now ask yourself:

"before I die, what must I do? what MUST I do?"

2. now, with all your might, drive your emotions into your purpose.

3. with your direction in life organised, spend a certain amount of time looking into your heart. we are creatures of emotion. we suffer the illusion that our thoughts are our own, when in fact, most of our actions can be sourced from an essential physical or emotional need.

there are basically four aspects of your emotions (thanks to doctor paul of DYD)

1 warm-fuzzy well-being
2 driving self-confidence

3 flourishing anger. when anger boils long enough, it turns into sadness, but they are essentially the same thing
4 brooding anxiety. pushing down anxiety will lead to kneejerk lifestyles and addictions.

the first two emotions tend to be termed 'good' emotions, since they give us a sense of fulfillment.

the second two emotions tend to become 'bad' emotions.

but the truth is, we only label things good or bad. there is nothing good nor bad till thinking makes it so.

rather see it like this. on a subconcious level:
anger is a call for change
anxiety is a call for action

trust your subconcious.

when you realise there is a way out of negative emotions, you will become prepared to let them flow through you. anger and anxiety is a part of life. i love it all. embrace it all.

that is how you dance in the moment. this is what follows:

once you have met your callings for change and action, you will be free from emotional blocks. you will achieve a remarkable peace of mind, a clarity of thoughts and action. moreover, you will see people in their natural state. with a transparent spirit, you will be able to feel the hearts of others.

feel your environment.
feel your community.
feel your family
feel women on an emotional level. you will be able to scan a woman and see the depths of her heart. good looks will become secondary. what you truly search for is a woman with a free flowing body, free flowing spirit, a heart that is grounded in an earthly substance that will will present to you as a slow burning source of feminine energy. your heart will be at ease in it's presence.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 11:56 am 
Mostly A Man. Mostly.

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You're obviously a fan of Deida. Have you done any of his workshops or have you just gone through the material he has available?

This is a beautiful post. You have a very elegant writing style that's easy on the eye.

One thing that's worth mentioning about purpose is that your purpose is like the earth, composed of outer layers orbiting around a central core. You have to go through those outer layers in order to get the your core purpose.

When you stand and imagine you death, if the thing that you decide you must do before you die is make passionate love to a beautiful woman, then let that be your goal. If that is your purpose now then fight for it with all your might. Once you are through that outer layer, then ask yourself again, what must I do before I die?

Alternatively, try the deepest fear exercise in the purpose thread. Yes, it is about finding your deepest fear but your deepest fear and your deepest purpose are so closely intertwined that their separation in impossible.



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