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 Post subject: the rebirth of venus
PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 8:01 pm 
Dr. Phil

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Throughout my life, I have had three distinct fascinations that superseded all others:




Of course, I only assumed that these were only matters of preference. It was merely what appealed to me, what delighted me, that made them such a treat. Then I read this section from Deida's The Way of the Superior Man:

[Pg 82, Chapter 23]

"If you are a man with a masculine sexual essence, you will always feel sexual polarity with anyone who animates feminine energy. You may feel attraction many times a day, with many women. Enjoy it. Women are a blessing! The feminine, even in non-human formas of a lush tropical island, a cold beer, or your favourite tune, could make the difference between dreariness and ahhh-ing in esctasy......."

Long have I thought about this motif. I reflected upon the women of my life, the music that I listened to, and the appeal of nature. I reflected upon the nature of the natural feminine.


A woman. It is not the symbol of Venus' mirror. Nope. Returning to the Greco-Roman philosophy, it is meant to signify the divine feminine:

The Circle is the Divine spirit, her emotions, her flow. It is a circle, with neither a beginning nor an end. Above all else, the feminine must be given room to flourish in the fountain of her essence. Watch her do so in the organic: the organic twines of flora, the organic fluctuations of music, and the organic movements of a natural woman. It is beautiful, and it is calming.

The cross below is the essential, but neglected part. For although a woman must have her essence to flow, she must be grounded into the earth by divine connection. She needs to be in touch with her mother, her grandmother, mother earth, and her spirit. She must trust her subconcious.

As my eyes have gradually opened, I have witness the advent of a woman's circle poisoned. But it is not her flowing circle that is the problem. It is her disconnection to the earth. The cross is broken away. Today women connect their spirit with the unnatural.

Alot of women connect with the superficial; the images that are cheap imitations of women, but falsely praised - women are judged relative to cheap imitations of image. Some women are connected to family, to tradition, and to religion that restricts them. Almost all are connected to the harshness of life; she cannot rejoice in the pains and sorrows of career, mortgage, debt and insensitive men. Finally, there are some of the younger women who are disconnected completely: they are spontaenous flourishes of drama, their essence flapping in the wind of life.

Then there is the naturally grounded woman. An ethereal woman, of grace and beauty. With me, she and I shall become eternal lovers.

In my life, I have encountered two. One of them was my muse when I turned 18. The other I met last year as I turned 21, and I was ready for her. Bless their hearts.

Grounded feminine energy is something that I seek. I am the prince and I am fighting the forrest of thorns to get to my princess. She sleeps dormant in each woman. I am fighting everyday to awake, evoke, and rescue the Sleeping Beauty in women. In all women. And I show her the world of music, and of nature; of natural music and natural nature, the kind that sprouts from the earth and blossoms in our spirits.

To evoke the dormant spirit of all women.

This is what I call The Rebirth of Venus.

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