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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:31 pm 
Dr. Phil

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it disturbs me at times how the community gives us 'techniques' to create 'deep emotional connections to our hb', which, over the course of 7 hours, gives us the opputunity to fuck her.

there is something sick about it. don't allow yourself to get into the hole of 'i want to do this to get laid'. you will cause her heart such abrasion by treating her as another piece of meat. but, if you SEDUCE her - and i am talking about the most genuine of seductions, the deepest of seductions - you will liberate her heart.

i take a page out of greene's art of seduction. charm is sex without intercourse. if i can charm a woman, ANY woman, in effect i have already seduced her. this is what we call 'connection'. opening her heart to be touched. thus, i dance and float this earth, knowing that i can touch any woman i wish, that i can make her laugh, make her breathe out and surrender, make her chest tighten with excitement. as zan puts it, 'they are all my girls'.

when you carry that power, you sense that you want soemthing deeper. there is only so much satisfaction sex can give you. indeed, i found very soon that constant sex left me feeling empty. i wanted more.

when you look for something deeper, you look to connect with exceptional women.

this is easy to do, but hard to master. it involves a clarify of spirit that allows you to search her heart, her mind and her emotions. above average women are, obviously, very rare, but you will always be on the lookout for her if you keep feeling your environment.

and when she comes along [and i mean HER. fkn beautiful. smart. vibrant. full of life.] you will flood her with your sexual energy. a genuine sexual energy. and thus, you will make her laugh, giggle, smile, flow, and tense with excitement.

you will no longer seek to 'nclose kclose fclose' or any of that shit. you will only seek to create an everlasting bond between the two of you. the kiss and the sex does not matter. as long as you get time to make that bond deeper, all that will come. sex is not the goal. sex is just a consequence of the connection.

the beauty of this goes right to the heart of zan's philosophy. you will create an everylasting connection, and she will always be YOUR GIRL. and throughout her future relationships, she will always think of you. of how much she felt like a little girl in your presence.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:59 am 
first of all i would like to tell you what a great post that was man. you truly keep your integrity and i admire that highly. you have successfully distinguished the key to what we strive to be about. love without an expectation. if you treat a girl well, in the right way she will more often than not seduce you. make it fun, keep it positive and have integrity..


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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 2:13 am 
Mostly A Man. Mostly.

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...and don't you love it when 'she' comes along. Those rare women who simply and perfectly different from the mould. Their smile, their radiance, their energy... Wow... The thing that excites me the most about these women is the possibility of the connection that we could form; how deeply we could touch each others souls and how far into eternity we could take each other.

Love, whatever, there is no words to describe that connection.

It was great meeting you the other day. You and I obviously share a lot of views on this journey through life and I know that we will have more to share as we grow together.



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