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The 65 day no PMO challenge thread
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Author:  robinqzt [ Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The 65 day no PMO challenge thread

I'm officially on day 10 and let me tell you it's very real and truly a life changer, especially when you do this in conjunction with the philosophies of Endgame.

For longer than I can remember I've been a 'chronic masturbator', masturbation became more or less a tool that I used to deal with the various stresses of life. If I felt sad, I would masturbate and repress those feelings. If I was bored (which was quite a lot) I would masturbate. If I saw a hot girl, well you can figure that one out.

It came to the point where I started loosing everything that was good in my life, because I was being such a pussy, and not being man enough to just be real with myself and the people around me. But what this challenge does, it FORCES you to deal with that stuff (especially if you've used it to avoid it).

During the last couple of days I've done things I never tought I would be able to. I've had a very uncomfortable conversation with a friend who needed an intervention, I've paid complements to girls I've never met just for the heck of it and I've cried countless of times (both out of sadness and happiness, almost at the same time, it's weird). I listen to emotional music and actually feel it and enjoy the emotions rather than switching songs.

I hit the town on friday and every girl responeded so well to me, and I realize it's because I keep it real with them now and my life is moving in an amazing direction, IM HAPPY WITHOUT HER and I'm not so desperate and addicted to masturbation/sex as before. I CAN FINALLY FEEL A STRONG CONNECTION when i speak to these girls. I'm not scared, but man enough to look at the flame while it's burning.

Truth be told, I don't think I'm ever going back. It's just not worth it. Also imo it should be mandatory to do this challenge while/after reading endgame, it helps so much!

p.s quick tip: Long distance running. Whenever you get urges, just fucking run till you can't run no more (preferably outdoors), it's the only way I can deal with the energy as of now.

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